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100/ 200/300/500 Hours Self Speed TTC
Yoga teacher training in India for 100/200/ 300/ 500 hours courses retreats in Rishikesh, Dharamsala and Goa certified by yoga alliance. In our multistyle Hatha (Iyengr style) Therapeutic yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa teacher training in India you will feel inspired for your search for joy,fulfilment,depth,and silence. You will learn to live each moment in our daily lives in awareness, relaxation and totality. You are invited to experience and experiment different yoga styles and many yoga asanas or poses with Pranayam or Breathing exercises, Meditations, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc. to discover which is best for you and how to integrate it into your daily lives.

It is up to you how much your heart wants to transform or increase mental horizon or learn new things which you never thought or heard or known before for development at physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual level to bring the best in you.

yoga teacher training goa india

We Offer


(More than 30 meditations with breathing, light, music,dances, imagination, catharsis etc. to transform life and be enlightened like Buddha ) We will explore what is our patterns on thinking and emotional level which hinders and stops our growth and how Asanas, Pranayama, Meditations can be used to open blockages and lead our life for creative or positive thinking , happiness,spiritual growth and liberation.


(17 DIFFERENT BREATHING EXERCISES), BANDHAS (LOCKS), KRIYAS, MUDRAS, yogic shatkarmas / cleansing techniques to get better health, cure different diseases and it also helps to go deeper in to meditation.

Yoga Philosophy

(PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS, KARMA YOGA, BHAKTI YOGA, GYAN YOGA etc.) to know who you are and what you can be and how to achieve your hidden potential and possiblities.

Ayurveda & Naturopathy

You will learn something about Ayurveda and Naturopathy for better healthy life and some remedies to cure different diseases.You will learn about DIET CONTROL and what kind of food is good for you and what is not good or harmful to improve your health and eating habbits.In Ayurveda you will learn about your basic constitution orprakriti Vatta, Pitta, Kapha and much more.

Doctrines of Teaching Methodology

You will learn how to give knowledge and present yourself as a teacher with positive body language and adequate use of voice for motivating and create respect and trust in the hearts of students. Moreover the study of Self-Presentation as a teacher is explored in great detail. You will learn how to give instructions as a yoga teacher in class for having ideal class to teach yoga in safe manner without causing any injury. So lots of emphasis is on Anatomy and alignment while adjusting students postures.

Business Setup Tips

Help or guidance for setting up business while starting yoga studio by sharing our own experiences and making them aware about what to do and what not to do.


Divya was born and brought up in Delhi, India and was practicing yoga from 30 years or more since childhood and his father was also teaching yoga. Divya was interested in spirituality from very early age. He went to Osho commune and learned and practiced different meditations and explored spirituality for many years. Divya learned different styles of YOGA ASANAS (postures), PRANAYAMA (Breathing exercises) from different teachers. He taught Yoga asanas (Postures ), Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) and Meditations to many poeple in Goa, Dharamsala, Delhi in India, China, Thailand ,Bali and helped them to to become better yoga teacher and get benefit for all body parts and cure stomach problems , constipation, back pain, sugar, loosing fats and helped them to feel more freshness, aliveness, rejuvenation, happiness, relaxation and growth in spiritual journey by meditations.

What makes our yoga alliance certified training in India so special and best?

You will get chance to teach full 2 hours classes with full sequence to real drop in students under our teacher supervision and moral support because we feel it is very important for you to teach 3 or 5 full classes to learn teaching and have real life experience of teaching full 2 hours yoga classes with proper sequence given by us with video for help of students to understand, remember and practice later which you can see in this website also. All these help is missing in other yoga schools where students do not get any 2 hours sequence or video so they are confused and indecisive to search for new yoga sequence and they do not even get any single chance to teach full 2 hours with proper sequence for benefits of all body parts instead students get only 30 or 40 minutes to teach among themselves without any full proper sequence. This makes our yoga teacher training in India so unique, different and special.


yoga teacher training goa india
  1. Most important is how much you or any student can GRASP or understand or teach in four weeks course. When you ask for recommendations then ask how much other people transform or can teach after 4 weeks or they just got only lots and lots of information for advance classes without understanding the difference between beginners, intermediate or medium and advance classes .So proper learning and growth of any student is possible with systematic way of learning and teaching step by step…not by any jump directly to advance classes with lots of details. In many yoga schools or courses teachers keep on teaching or speaking more and more details or jump to teach many advance things for 4 or 5 different yoga styles which makes students feel confused and indecisive later when they finish the course and do not know from where to start or how to teach to beginners and medium level classes in simple easy way…so most important is to ask ourselves before choosing how much we can remember or grasp in 4 weeks where there are one day off so hardly you get 22 days to learn after taking away holidays…then last 3 or 4 days will be taken for exams where students hardly get 30 minutes to teach per person because there are 20 or 30 students in a class waiting for a single chance.
  2. That is why we teach step by step from GROSS to subtle….from simple to more details…from easy to difficult…no other way by jumping to difficult details…but many times teachers are directly teaching most difficult things first of too many details to SHOW OFF how much knowledge they have but they do not care how much students can grasp or teach in 4 weeks.
  3. We should ask how much a single teacher can OBSERVE and CORRECT 20 or 30 students. How much CHANCE these 20 or 30 students will get to be OBSERVED and CORRECTED by a single teacher otherwise students become like parrots or tape recorders getting too much information but PRACTICALLY they cannot remember or do corrections or adjustments or teach all these things…after few days many students forget all these too much of information.
  4. We should ask or search how much teacher wants or can bring best out of us or he is just interested to show off by too much of information to finish course and get money only.
  5. We should ask about getting 2 hours yoga sequence given by school or not because normally all these 20 or 30 students are asked to make their own different sequence without any experience. Just see or ask is it possible for all these new students to make new sequence for 90 minutes or 2 hours class.
  6. We should ask if we will get any video for help of students to understand, remember and practice later after finishing the course. Normally most of students feel lack of guidance or any help or moral support to practice after finishing 4 weeks of course. That is why we give chart of yoga asana sequence with easy explanation in simple language plus a video for help of students after the course.
  7. So it most important to ask how much you will grow and improve or transform in 4 weeks or how much you can teach full 2 hours yoga class or will you get proper sequence for beginners or medium level because directly after 4 weeks you cannot teach ADVANCE classes that is why we advise you to start teaching with beginners or medium level classes in simple easy way for first six months and later after getting confidence and comfort start teaching advance yoga classes with more details.


What People Say

Best teacher on this planet..I have done this class many times in Goa with Divya I have never felt so energised and flexible. Great that he put online for whole world to Practice Divya class.

Nicole Tara from England

I did the 200 hrs yoga teacher teacher training with Divya, it was a great experience. I’ve been suffering from very much back pain, but after just a few days the pain was gone. I was familiar with the asanas, but my alignment needed correction. I’ve gotten a much deeper understanding about asans. I’ve learnt the right alignments and how to teach, observe and correct others. I’ve learnt many new pranayama exercises, how to control the prana, and how the body, mind and soul gets affected. I’ve gotten a deeper knowledge about meditation, and learnt diffrent teqnices. I’ve learnt about ayurveda and how our body and wellbeing is dependet on the tridoshas, and how to balance them. I got to study the sutras. And got lots of time to teach drop-in classes. I’m feeling more comfortable and confident to go teach over the world.

Sandra Nilsson from Sweden

My name is Kate, I am from Australia.I came to Goa for the teacher training course with Divya at Christmas time, and was pleasantly surprised by the choice of asanas uses in his morning class.They were perfect for my body as I have lower back trouble.He includes back bends, twists, backbends, that have improved the flexibility of my spine and reduced the pain I feel sometimes in the mornings. I have also learnt alot about doing the asana properly.Although I have done yoga for about two years,some things needed correcting. I enjoyed doing pranayam on the beach every morning, sitting with the dogs, watching the waves come in. It was hard at first to juggle partying with doing a course but Divya was very allowing in giving days off for special events like Christmas and new year. Overall, I am feeling great in my body and I have a much better understanding of yoga and feel I have the confidence to teach a yoga class. I think I have chosen the right teacher and would not hesitate to recommend Divya for the yoga teacher training course.

Kate Green from Australia

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